Power of your mind.

Anubhav Sachan
3 min readDec 21, 2018
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You should never underestimate the power of self healing. Mind always finds the path to pacify. It possess powers which can’t be even imagined.

What’s wrong with you right now? Probably you’re one those of people who want to achieve their primary goal of happiness, but feel like the world is against you right now and it is never going to make your path favorable. Or maybe you’re one of those who are finding even a slightest of positive hope to continue living your life.

Never forget you’re the most powerful element of your life story. Your biography is going to be revolving around you. It will contain all the ups and downs of your life. I repeat, “your” life.

Do you believe that everything is going to unfold as you want, huh?

No, it’s not. This is life, not a game with different levels and unlimited lives. It is never going to take the path you expect. You can’t expect everything to happen according to you or what you want, this isn’t politics. You had enough of hard days, but they are not going to take a break from their work and cherish what new policies Trump is making for The United States. They are always on their way to punch you on the face, and that too with the accuracy of around 99%, moreover, if you were not ready to take the punch, they are going to mock you and bring some more hard time.

Now, you’re just going down, falling deep down, and everyone is watching as you fall. There is no one to provide you the support to climb back, but, boom, you’re somewhere far away where you can no longer hear the voices of negativity and gloom. You are at the stage of mental peace where you can think clearly and make decisions for yourself. The brain goes into the stage where its processing power is insane. It is constantly full of ideas which are going to be life changing. It creates the most accurate virtual environment of the true condition for you to think and take logical actions that have positive impact on your life. Your brain has now convinced you to take a particular decision in the situation and you’ve taken it. You have stopped the overthinking and pondering over the situation and now you are ready to deal with a new situation with great enthusiasm. You have now realized your overthinking was only hampering your decision making skills and the rational thinking you’ve been craving for months.

Voila! You are now feeling fantastic. You feel like a changed person. You have more control over yourself and your thoughts. Your bad days have not gone yet but you’ve got to learn how to evade them. These bad days don’t last long, but they have a powerful impact on your life and mind.

Mind doesn’t consist of brain, but it is the combined working of your body with brain. You have to train yourself for the proper functioning of mind with different environments. You need to learn how to respond in most of the situations so as to you’re not hampering your perfect state of mind. Once you’ve lost this perfect balance of mind, you are prone to a lot of punches. It is you who needs to learn how to bring back this balance. Train yourself as much as possible, and every time you feel low, don’t ever forget, it is “you” who will be making you feel good.

Never forget, your mind is the most powerful thing you have, and you can control anything with it.

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